JB Hifi friends and family sale 10-30% off

6 December 2010

I'm trying to figure out what the friends and family restrictions are.

This Wed night JB are having 15% off computers, 30% off car sound, 20% off speakers and receivers, 20% off CDs DVDs and games, 15% off tellies, 10% off navigation and 15% off cameras.

Might be worth a look.

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  • odysseus
    "I'm trying to figure out what the friends and family restrictions are. " There aren't any. It's just viral marketing to encourage the idea of exclusivity instead of just advertising a sale with those same discounts. The idea being that you're more likely to tell others about the sale if you think it's exclusive than if they just published it themselves (lower advertising cost).
  • admin EDITOR
    Except some have been associated with an invite that you needed to take with you before - and the discount rates are a little higher than they usually do at JB - which left me wondering whether there was some criteria on this one.
  • naffi
    Is it the first time they have had a family and friends night, might just be to get as many poeple in as possible?
  • admin EDITOR
    They've had them before naffi.
  • odysseus
    It's a public page and just says "Exclusive invitation to friends of JB" which makes it open to anyone (as long as you're willing to claim you're a friend :-) )
  • admin EDITOR
    Its a bit lame really. The only thing that caught my eye was that the sale had slightly bigger discounts than most of the other ones I'd seen.
  • joshtemps
    does this sale also mean you can purchase things online? or does it have to be instore?
  • admin EDITOR
    instore joshtemps

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