JB Hifi - Buy 2 Get 1 free CD & Music DVD sale

10 June 2013

JB Hi-fi have got a Buy 2 Get 1 free CD & Music DVD sale. It’s a pretty sweet offer. I am getting Daft Punk’s Discovery, Bowie’s The Next Day and the Sound City Soundtrack for $25.04 inclusive of shipping. Usually, this would cost me $35.94 so this deal saves me about ten bucks.

Just to make sure the price was good; I checked and found that it costs $46.96 at Music Shop for all 3 CDs inclusive of shipping. Sanity has Daft Punk’s Discovery for $14.99 while the other two CDs are $21.99. Shipping is free and the total cost would be $58.97.

There is quite a range to choose from in terms of some new stuff as well as the classics. There is a similar deal for Blu-ray that is going at 2 for $20.

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