JB Hi-fi: Buy any TWO TV series box sets, GET ONE FREE (In store until 28/07/08)

11 July 2008

Buy any two of the mentioned TV series box sets and get one free at JB Hi-fi!

Valid in store only until 28 July 2008.

The box sets are $32.98 each. After the discount, this works out to [b]$21.99 each.

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  • leny
    I spent over $300 there today.
  • admin EDITOR
    Do tell.... what did you get Leny ?
  • leny
    I got these 15 admin ... to add to my growing collection: http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o105/LENYleny/IMG_0047.jpg http://i118.photobucket.com/albums/o105/LENYleny/IMG_0042-1.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    Is house any good Leny - ive been tempted to buy it recently because I like hugh laurie
  • leny
    From the reviews I've read, it's good. Have a look on Wikipedia. I haven't personally watched a single episode.
  • nod
    You love to collect but not watch :D You must have one hell of a collection at home
  • nlafanclub
    Wow! I wish I could afford to buy a bunch of these. Ok here's the wish list. If I could afford to be spending bunches of money on these box sets, here's what I'd buy: Dead Like Me The Unit Arrested Development How I Met Your Mother Supernatural Will & Grace Star Trek That 70's Show West Wing The Gilmore Girls (not very masculine of me, but I love it!) The X-Files (all complete series) That's over 50 box sets - Yowser! :eek:
  • jdstacey
    This is a pretty good deal but bear in mind that you might be able to get the complete series for cheaper than buying the seasons separately (even at $22 each).

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