Jamie Oliver pepper mill at dstore for $24

25 January 2011

Am listing this because its hard to find decent pepper grinders and mostly when you do they are stupidly priced. This was being sold at $29 by dstore (dont believe the list price) and is around that and a bit more at other stores. Its only there for 24 hours so if you want one keep that in mind if your chasing one.

In my humble opinion $24 is cheap enough for a pepper grinder and being jamie oliver branded you figure its going to work (although probably in a cheesy manner).

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  • wfdTamar
    The salt one is the same price. Don't ya love the look on his face in the last shot - 'If I just do this stupid photo shoot I can make 20 squids on each set to keep me in the manner to which I have become accustomed mwa hah hah. Suckers.' I like his cooking, but hate his overpriced cookware and tarty ways. Still, they look like they might be ok. Though note there are two different designs in the photo's - one fills only a tube inside, the other fills the whole body - makes you wonder if they have it right now - and maybe that's why they're reduced so much? I've tried a few. The ball ones with squeeze handles on top clog up (particularly the salt one), although they are single handed. I got some with all the screws on the bottom, but all that means is it all comes off and dumps in your cooking!
  • admin EDITOR
    Its hard to get one that works properly. I've only ever stuck to the twist top ones and have a cheapie at the moment that looks pretty ordinary but actually works (until you get down to the peppercorns that are too large to slide into the burrs.
  • ninkasi
    I've had two of these Peugeot "Hostellerie" mills for years - one pepper, one salt. Expensive and a little fiddly to fill, but they work. http://www.broadwaypanhandler.com/broadway/assets/product_images/Peugeot_hostelbrn.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    Mine looks a bit like that :) but its not expensive.
  • ninkasi
    ]OMG http://img2.hotshed.com/image/1690/1690097_413_1.jpg Much better than ]these: http://img2.hotshed.com/images/10590/10590093_1_413_2.jpg
  • admin EDITOR
    :D .. I've always wanted an R2D2 pepper grinder...
  • ninkasi
    I actually was unaware that something so fundamental was missing from my life...:D Although then again, not so sure I want to put on my food something black that's come out of the bottom of anything, no matter how cute....:eek:

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