Jacks Wine offer - 3 cases for $99 PLUS Buckscoop cashback ($2.75 a bottle)

7 April 2009

Jack sent this offer over to us via email.
The wines available are:
2006 Kenga Shiraz Cabernet
2006 Kenga Colombard Chardonnay

So you can get 3 cases of each of those or
2006 Kenga Shiraz Cabernet x 2 cases & 2006 Kenga Colombard Chardonnay x 1 case
2006 Kenga Shiraz Cabernet x 1 cases & 2006 Kenga Colombard Chardonnay x 2 case

I have never tried the wine so I have no idea what it is like - it certainly is cheap at $2.75 a bottle

This is NOT a deal for the West though as you are looking at $60 for delivery!
You are looking at $18-24 for eastern states cities

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  • admin EDITOR
    ouch - $5.75 a bottle at bigshop. Its a 24 hour deal from Jacks. They still have the original deal for two cases showing on their site - they were offering two cases for $99 not so long ago.
  • eggles
    can't find a review anywhere
  • admin EDITOR
    ahhh - looks like Kenga is part of Cockatoo Ridge Wines company (]http://www.cockatooridge.com/aboutus.php). From what I can make out they sell it as a cleanskin (which may be why the lack of reviews) - but dont list it as part of their stable on the corp website. They were selling it for $40 a case (35 as a cleanskin) back in Nov 08 (http://www.cockatooridge.com/pdf/CR-brochure_Nov08.pdf)
  • admin EDITOR
    This is back on again for 24 hours.

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