Inflatable Crocodile $22.95

21 January 2007

Now I have no idea whether this is a bargain but I just wanted to post for the novelty factor. I mean why would you want a 151cm inflatable crocodile??

But if you do feel the urge,remember, you can also get yourself 3% cashback with Buckscoop.

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  • admin EDITOR
    [SIZE=4]CROCODILE[/SIZE] Next clue: Green and slimy... I grow on the surface on swamp water yea - that would be a fantastic thing to buy....... :)
  • jumpingjack
    You know there's a Steve Irwin joke in there somewhere but I don't have the bad taste to think of it and post it :D
  • nod
    Well to tell you the truth, that was what I was thinking about when I posted it :o But thought I should show some respect :p

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