HSBC Credit Card $0 Annual Fee for life of card + $50 Cash Back + 0% Bal Transfer

3 October 2009

$0 annual fee for the life of the card
$50 cashback when you spend $500 or more for each of the first 3 months on your HSBC Credit Card (cash back is via HSBC not buckscoop)
0% on balance transfers until 1 April 2010
Privilege Program Privilege Program - instant discounts on shopping, travel, accomodation and more.
See Website for full terms and conditions

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  • nod
    I will give you a hot vote on the $0 annual fee for life alone :)
  • Allic1971
    OK What am I missing it looks too good to be true????:eek:
  • admin EDITOR
    Probably a high APR Allic. Will have a look.
  • admin EDITOR
    15.99% on purchases (55 day interest free window) and 19.99% on cash advances (with no interest free period). They have the balance transfer at 0 through till April 2010 but then at 19.99% APR after that. Ah - to get the $50 you need to spend a min of $500 per month (in purchases) for the first 3 consecutive months after you get the card. At the end of the period the card mustn't be in arrears to be eligible for the $50.
  • admin EDITOR
    Was just looking to see whether the Rewards Plus programme that can be attached to this card would be of any use but its just another one of the silly points programmes. What I was interested in was whether the card offered a cashback on purchases. Where this starts to make sense is that you can use it to double up on cashback through somewhere like here. Assuming the merchant gives a 5% buckscoop cashback and the card gives you maybe 2% - by using here and the card your getting an effective 7% discount on the normal price.
  • krucera
    The offer is for hsbc credit card so there are no rewards attached to it, there is another hsbc classic credit card with rewards programme but it costs $ 59 annual fee. I think thats the catch, most no reward credit card have no annual credit card anyway so the real benefit of joining would only be the $ 50 cashback or the 0% balance transfer
  • bigal
    good for people who may need a card on occasions... if you spend a lot a reward program may offer more benefit.

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