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18 January 2008

For the benefit of myself, current account holders, and those in the market for a new savings account - I will post the current interest rates for leading institutions that offer a high interest online savings account. This way, it can be clear which insitution at the time it may be best to invest your money in. Please tell me if you would like any added.


FREE ACCOUNTS (No fees, no bank account required with the institution required. The account must be linked to an existing account with any institution):

BankWest Telenet Promo --------- 7.20% (for the first 12 months, new accounts only)
BankWest Telenet Ongoing rate - 6.75%
ING Direct ------------------------- 6.40%
RaboPlus --------------------------- 6.90%
St George Directsaver Promo ----- Range from 7.00% to 7.05%, depending on when the account was open. 7.05% interest rate applies only to some accounts open in 2007. Please see your internet banking or contact St George for exact rate.
St George Directsaver Ongoing -- 6.50%
Suncrop e-Options ---------------- 6.60%

OTHER ACCOUNTS (Where you must hold an everyday account with the institution in order to be able to open this account. Fees may apply to the everyday account.)

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  • yovi
    this is a good place for finding the best deal: http://www.infochoice.com.au/banking/atcallsavings/results.asp also, amp has currently an offer with bonus 0.7% for the first 6 months.
  • leny
    I guess you're right :D I'd just be wasting my time and people can look at the website where people get paid to find the rates lol..
  • Brad
    I think it's a good idea Leny, and I'm sure others will find it useful! But it is your choice of whether to keep this Tip, or whether to leave it expired. ;)
  • bigal
    good all things finance related site, [url]www.ratecity.com.au[/url]
  • admin EDITOR
    7.2% is a pretty interest rate. When was the last time period that interest rates were so strong.
  • leny
    I've never seen interest rates as high as this in the past, but they just use the 7.2% to try to pull you in.
  • admin EDITOR
    from memory they were up there in the late 80's early 90's
  • leny
    From memory :D ... I would have been too young to worry about banking or not born yet. :p
  • nod
    :D I think it is a useful thread to have Leny
  • Keeys
    savings account :D WHATS THAT??? :p

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