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10 September 2008

I am not sure if anyone has posted this yet. I have not seen it if they have....

If you join Artscow, you can click on the "Credit & Discount" link that is on the left hand side of the "My Account" section.

You will get probably 50 - 100 offers. I think they are all free. Many of them are repeats of each other.

One of these is for 5 free 8X10 prints. For this you pay $2.99 postage for the first one and 39Cents postage for each additional 8X10.

If you buy additional 8X10s, you will pay 49cents for the print and 39cents for the postage for each additional 8 X 10.

They have a similar offer for 12X18 photos.

There are magnets, golf gifts, mirrors, ornaments etc. Looks like every type of photo guft you can get. I haven't checked them all.

I suspect that this Artscow is the VISTA PRINT of the photo world. The best thing is that you can pay via paypal. I have been wary of Vista since I have heard about some people being charged for ongoing promotional programs. I suspect that would be a lot more difficult with paypal.

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  • nod
    Cool. thanks for the info Voteoften I think that Artscow is a 'store' for Artsnow. You can buy the items from them and start up your own site. But not 100% sure. They certainly do seem to have a wide range of good offers and some nice freebies. I would prefer to pay via Paypal too .. keep my credit card details to myself I think :D

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