Harvey Norman Big Buys: 52 Finish All in1 Powerballs for $10 + Delivery or Free Pickup

21 March 2012

Less that 20c per Powerball!

Fed up with food stains on your dishes even after they come out of dishwasher? Then you need Finish All in1!

This formulation combines 10 Power Actions that delivers removal of the toughest stains:
* Tough stain removal
* Grease cutting power
* Soaking Action
* Tea stain removal
* Super shine function
* Stainless steel shine
* Machine lime-scale protection
* Glass protection
* Silver protection
* PowerBoost action

Salt and Rinse Aid functions are included as well for your convenience. Made in Germany

Recommended by leading dishwashers manufacturers.

Great Brand - Awesome Price

*Harvey Norman BiG BUYS stocks parallel imports. These are genuine branded products and are imported into Australia without the support of the Australian distributor. Parallel import product may differ in ingredients, design or composition from locally distributed products. Harvey Norman BiG BUYS endorses the quality of these items under our normal conditions of sale. This stock is originally from: Sweden

buy 3 packs = 156 tabs. $45 = 29c each
- wheadle

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  • wheadle
    I am guessing that there is a massive surplus of finish in a warehouse somewhere as everyone seems to have it on sale. Ok - max 3 boxes = 156 tabs. Max delivery =$15 Total $45 = 29c a tab Not bad. I am going to check out the Grocery run offers :)

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