Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows under $30 delivered + cashback.

23 June 2007

Play4me have Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows on preorder for $29.50. We also have the choice between free shipping, or 10% off codes below, so it works out to be $29.50 - 4.5% ($1.32) cashback. That also includes insured delivery which usually costs an extra $7.50.
It's the hardcover version.

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  • MamaK
    How much is shipping there Brad? Is it 10% so both codes are the same? Thanks for the deal btw- can't wait to read it!
  • Brad
    It depends on the order. For this particular item it is $6.95 standard and $7.50 insured. Both are free so you are better off choosing Insured.
  • Brad
    The 10% would only be $2.95 vs $7.50 saving on post.
  • nod
    Such a shame you can't use the 10% off and free shipping codes together. Are you a big Harry Potter fan Mamak? What is the attraction? I don't get how a kids book can be enjoyed by adults too :confused:
  • Emma EDITOR
    I was just about to post this, but I see Brad has beaten me to it!! This is a good online price for the pre-order!!
  • admin EDITOR
    more than 1 million of these had been pre-ordered by the second of july. Release date 21st..... JK Rowling must be thinking she's the luckiest person around. Nice use of the shipping and discount codes btw Brad. Thanks

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