Happy Guru Clearance Sale Section + Bucksoop Cashback

9 February 2009

A few good deals, prices from $5. Lots of home wares and jewelery.

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  • jackyblue
    love these for $6.00 - remind me of retro Denby "Arabesque" pottery. http://www.happyguru.com/store/images/retro_dotty_small.jpg
  • jackyblue
    or this for $10 ... I'd better stop looking, too much stuff I like. http://www.happyguru.com/store/images/blue%20box%20single.jpg
  • fairybelle
    No Spammers Thomas22!!!
  • lisss
    Ironically, Happy Guru still has some of the same items on sale in its sale section as over a yr ago....
  • admin EDITOR
    Go get them fairybelle :)
  • lisss
    Go get them fairybelle :)
    Did enough of us report him to make his post go poof?

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