Happy christmas to all of you using buckscoop

24 December 2011

A quiet thanks to every on here. Things are getting better and better with more deals and people commenting voting etc, so a tipple to you all and hope there's lots of presents under the tree for you.

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  • admin EDITOR
  • kazyazy
  • lisss
    [SIZE="5"] MERRY CHRISTMAS Donkey, Nod and other Buckscoopers :)[/SIZE] I hope you all have a lovely day with your family and friends. XoX And happy sale shopping!!! :w00t:
  • lilpretzel
  • queenshrew
    [SIZE="4"] Merry Christmas everyone! [/SIZE] No fancy graphics from me cos I'm on holiday and only on my 7“ galaxy tab... May there be even more bargain finds for you all in 2012! x queenshrew
  • frogduck
    I'm a bit late, but merry christmas to all and also a happy new year because its likely that I will miss that too :( happy bargain hunting everyone, I think i've had my fair share of good bargains this year (Although I think last year was an awesome year for bargains) Also no fancy pictures from me because I am currently at work browsing buckscoop ;)
  • golfwidow
    Hope everyone had a fabulous Chrissy and the New Year brings all you hope it will :D
  • sparrow
    Thank you all for posting such fabulous deals and freebies through 2011, wishing you all a beautiful 2012.

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