Half price entry into the chance to win a $5000 diamond ring from Ezibuy plus 4 x I hope I think I know stickers

17 April 2013

Ezibuy are running a giveaway promo of a chance to get a $5000 diamond ring for anyone who either buys one of their mystery bags or buys 4 or more items.

I dont know how many mystery bags they have in the promo but the deal is that one person who receives a mystery bag, through until 21st of April 2013, will find a $5000 diamond ring inside it.

Of the two ways to get a mystery bag you can either buy one of the bags directly on the chance that it contains some goodies you might use, or you can buy 4 of any items. The latter made me wonder how cheaply you could buy any 4 items and get a mystery bag. Without being able to apply an ezibuy discount code or get free shipping the absolute min cost you can get one for is $21.90. This requires you to buy 4 "I hope I think I know you stickers" for $3 each and pay the $9 shipping fee. This'll get you a mystery bag and one chance of getting the diamond.

For those of you making a otherwise normal purchase at Ezibuy, you can sign up for the newsletter and get a $20 off voucher plus free shipping on your first order.

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