Godeals - Monster Garage Sale with $9 cap for shipping

15 June 2012

Looks like loads of items starting from $1 - $149.00

$1 deals:
* CoRk screw
* 18 & 23 cm coloured nylon tongs
* assorted designer sunnies ex chemist (for $1 each!! you can afford to keep losing your sunnies!)

$2 deals:
* Ramsay non stick loaf pan 25 cm (that's quite cheap!!)
* 4 lots of Charms premium pantyhose for tall & medium (only 50 cents per pantyhose.. pretty decent as I keep getting runs in mine no matter how expensive they are!)
* Bear and rabbit shaped 6 cup muffin pans!
* Deep fluted flan tray 30cm
* 3 x cling wraps 30m x 30m (that's less than $1 each !)

There's covergirl eyeshadow for $3.95 (rrp$34.95)
Max Factor mascara for just $3.99 (rrp$59.90)

18 10 Stainless Steel10pc Cookware Set $89 (rrp $300.00)
Oneida Hard Anodized 10 Piece Cookware $149 (rrp$499.00)
Loads of items from kids toys to makeup to kitchenware to rugs.. and with $9 cap, you can just buy loads of things for the house!

*** Some post codes & large items may cost more
from previous experience I heard shipping can be quite slow, around 3 - 5 weeks?

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  • incudan
    $1 deals: * Cock screw * 18 & 23 cm coloured nylon tongs * assorted designer sunnies ex chemist (for $1 each!! you can afford to keep losing your sunnies!)
    Gotta get me one of those Cock screws
  • maree3000
    Be very wary of buying from these guys, goods don't arrive or only part of the order arrives and e mails go unanswered. Check out their facebook page to see the desperation of customers trying to resolve issues. Also items are pretty poor quality. :(
  • queenshrew
    All I can say is.. I would avoid anything they offer for FREE and pay postage. I was NOT happy with the load of EXPIRED food they sent to my house. They were FREE with capped postage. I have been happy with the beach towels and sheet sets I have purchased from them. They were really GOOD quality for the price I paid. I also got a block of knives that I was happy with. I wasn't happy with the hotel blankets ($9.95 each - they washed awfully..lots of fluff in my wash!) and the expired food. Sometimes you do really get what you paid for. I would not have bothered adding them into my cart if they had said that the free stuff was expired!!!! Another gripe - postage does take AGES!!! Be warned if you buy anything that they can take up to 2 months to send! Make sure you never buy anything from them that you need urgently. They emailed me when I complained - saying that they were moving, or some other story, but it has always been SLOW postage since my first purchase from them! However, I have purchased from them a total of 8 times over 2 years, and I have ALWAYS received EVERY ITEM I purchased. Good or bad. I do wish they had forgotten to send me the expired food though (sorry, I still can't let that go). :p Would I buy again? Yes, I would. Just would be selective about what I buy. I have found them to be really cheap for some really good quality things I would definitely not hesitate to buy again. I will just make sure I never buy food from them, or anything I need in a hurry.
    Gotta get me one of those Cock screws
    LOL :o
  • kazyazy
    I ordered from them once and the most expensive and heavy thing was missing from the order which was a $29 blanket, they refunded me straight away but never offered to post it, so I still had to pay the shipping cap on a few small things that wasn't really worth it.
    Gotta get me one of those Cock screws
    Hahaha :D
  • jezebel8
    hmph!! typo!!! lol
  • Pookie
    Damn, that's funny, and I love how you guys pick up on these things!

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