GO DEALS - FREEBIES + $14.95 capped shipping

8 January 2012

Fill your cart full of all $0.00 items and pay only $14.95 for shipping

Alot of things have sold out by the time I checked my email today.

However they started with about 30 lines.

When I purchased, I still got about 8 items ($0.00) plus lots of other(cheap but gotta pay) stuff.

They have stainless steel steak knives for $0.00 plus capped shipping.

Nice deal

Be warned -- shipping will be slow

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  • queenshrew
    More freebies have been added! Just checked and there were a lot of new things listed as $0.00 Capped $14.95 shipping is still on.
  • queenshrew
    Today, they advertised it as their last day for the freebies! So I'm guessing if you haven't yet made your purchase, get in quick. Be warned however that their shipping is s-l-o-w! All my previous purchases always take between 3-5 weeks to arrive.. Zzzz So don't buy anything you need immediately, as it will disappoint! Otherwise, have been happy with all my previous purchases.

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