Go Deals - Everything is FREE today, just pay shipping

16 February 2011

The amazing Free day is HERE. Everything in today's sale is FREEEEEEE ! Just pay the cheap shipping. There is no tricks , no limits on orders everything is just FREE!! only for a crazy 24 hours so do not miss this.

50% shipping discount is on.

Pay full shipping only for the first items all other shipping is half price!

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  • admin EDITOR
    Frustrating site.... everything seems to drive you to the register / sign up forms :). Some of the things they have listed aren't too bad when you factor in the shipping. The Philips Longlife Batteries AAA 24 pack costs you $7.95 (the shipping charge) which is about $1 cheaper than you'd pick them up elsewhere but I'd stay away from some of the things like the 3 pencil pack.
  • admin EDITOR
    And technically kazyazy ]beat you to it - although I'm not sure the deal is a freebie given that the price you pay is inflated shipping.
  • rthomson
    This deal has over 12 hours left but the link is incorrect. Use https://www.godeals.com.au/homepage

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