Go Deals - 4 Beach Towels $19.95 + $7.95 postage

13 December 2011

The design looks a little much for me -- sunset lovers..??

But it's cheap, and delivered.

Recommended retail price for each towel is listed as $39.95 (Total approx $159.80) although I'm slightly skeptical about the listed rrp, I must say this is a great price for beach towels.

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  • Cathski
    I found the Godeals website through buckscoop and made an order but have since found there is TONNES of negative feedback all over the web about this company. Shocking customer service, no refunds, unfulfilled orders, orders taking weeks to arrive. Should buckscoop still be touting business for this company and encouraging more people to get sucked in?
  • queenshrew
    I have purchased 6 times in total from this company and have always received my goods. I also discovered this company through Buckscoop about a year and a half ago. As put in previous posts, delivery takes AGES (!), but do eventually get here. My deliveries always take about 3-5 weeks (like, seriously!) but I have never been in a hurry to receive the goods, so I'm fine with it. However, I have received 100% of my deliveries with goods that were 90% satisfaction! -10% for one issue I had with them. With the one issue with them, I emailed them and they had responded via email and I was about 50/50 satisfied (mainly about my being unhappy that it says there's a variety of colours and all they sent me were mostly greens and a couple of greys!!!) Other than that, the products were all brand new/sealed and completely usable, so I accepted it as the price I pay for wanting a cheap bargain (Couldn't get it that price anywhere else). I did make another order and requested they not send me so many greens, and they did do that, but this time I got mostly all greys (At that point, I gave up trying to get variety!)... So far, the most memorable purchases I have made were 'Spy girls!' dolls (so cute and bargain prices!), gift boxes for packaging stuff I made, hair accessories (Lovelovelove them!), and a variety of other things I have been happy with. All I can say is, if you are in a hurry to receive the goods, don't purchase from them. Think they use tortoises to deliver....!
  • golfwidow
    I also have had no problems with the company with my orders. As stated postage can take a while but this is in the emails I receive once an order is placed that postage can take a few weeks so I don't by anything that I need in a rush.

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