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10 January 2008

Get Them While They're Hot!

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  • nod Interesting idea for a gift :eek: ........ not exactly something you would be happy to receive... but if you were thinking you need one they are on sale at Gifted :D
  • fairybelle
    Well you think that is bizarre what about this Willy Care Kit. Intimate essentials for the Man on the move. Includes willy grooming essentials - a mirror, a penis bracelet, hair brush, mirror and trimming scissors. Well packaged in a gift box.
  • nod
    :D Ummmm interesting :D For the man who has everything maybe? :eek:
  • nod
    I think I will keep this site in mind when I am looking for presents.. they have some fun stuff Might go on a hunt to see if they have cashback :D

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