Get up to $600 in Free Brokerage from CommSec

18 November 2007

Your first 12 equity trades will be free, up to a total brokerage value of $600 (including GST). This offer does not apply to International trades, Exchange Traded Options, Margin Lending, Day Short Selling, Term Short Selling OTC CFDs and ASX CFD's (upon release). This offer does not apply to trades where CommSec standard brokerage exceeds $55 (including GST) or trades with a value over $50,000. No brokerage will be shown on the CommSec contract note issued in respect of free trades under this offer. All free trades must be completed by 28 February 2008, when this offer closes. This offer is not redeemable for cash and is not transferable. Normal CommSec terms and conditions apply unless otherwise specified here. For CommSec standard brokerage charges see Applicants must be 18 years or over. We reserve the right to terminate this offer or amend these terms and conditions at any time without notice.

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  • admin EDITOR
    :D - a battle between comsec and ]st george. This is a better offer as you get about another 30 days to use up your free brokerage - provided you sign up this month. I'll give you a hot for finding something to better the St George one geo.

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