Get a freebie domain name from Netregistry

10 August 2012

Not sure why but they've attached this offer to a competition which runs for 8 months...... I wont post the competition as its encouraging spammy referrals.

The free domain is $19 in value and gets you 1 year reg. Must be a first reg and not a renewal.

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  • vipulrm
    Hey, Donkey the offer is for "" and not "" Please correct it. Thanks.
  • admin EDITOR
    ah so it is.... thanks. My mistake. It is a bit of a silly promo.
  • zapartos
    Hi mate, Thanks for the find! Am looking for domain names to set up my website. You're a champ!
  • DrKazanovaKK
    Don't do it Zapartos! Your best looking at and getting a free from Google and MYOB which is 2 years. They also give you a website too (not overly fancy but a site). And the good thing is you can transfer the domain name.
  • Pookie
    Call me cynical but nothing is free....somewhere somehow someone is going to get something off you for this freebie :p

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