Gemstar Embellishing Machine - $19.95 delivered from Deals Direct

24 August 2007

Hi all, I thought this was a really good price and idea and I'm buying it for part of my sister's birthday present, so thought I'd post!!

Create a masterpiece in just minutes.. Add sparkle to almost anything! Just as seen on TV!

Create your own designs or use one of the included Gemstar patterns to make hundreds of fashions and embellishments that will not only look great but amaze both you and your friends! Add sparkle and personal touches to jeans, tops, dresses, shoes, bags, pillows, curtains, belts, headbands.. literally anything you can imagine! Garner ideas from magazines like Vogue or Harpers Bazaar and create your own sassy fashions, or even use the Gemstar to add finishing touches to arts/crafts and home decor projects. Which ever way you look at it, you will be wishing you made this purchase earlier!

This quality kit includes the Gemstar tool, over 300 assorted rhinestones and studs, 300 design patterns to get you started, transfer pencil to create your own iron on transfers, a design ideas booklet and even a portable MiniStar that allows you to embellish on the go! An ideal gift for any fashionista, home decorator or creative minded person, the ingenious design of this machine has seen it stay at the forefront of the decorator market as a fashion must have from the 1970s til now.


Gemstar Studding and Embellishing Machine.
Kit includes:
Gemstar tool.
Portable MiniStar.
Over 300 assorted rhinestones and studs.
300 design patterns.
Transfer pencil.
Design ideas booklet.
Create works of art and stylish fashions.
Easy to use.
Great for jeans, dresses, tops, lamps, cushions, shoes, bags, belts, curtains, headbands, cards, photo frames and more!
Be inspired by runway fashions and home decorator trends.
Ideal gift for the creative or fashion savvy, decorator or arts/crafts minded.
Recommended Retail Price: $49.95.

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  • ScarletRubies
    glory be... it's a "bedazzler"!!!!!! ......Memories... from the corner of my mind.....etc and I reckon this could be used on paper for crafts & scrapbooking...
  • nod
    No way!!! It is a bedazzler Ooooooohhhhh The memories come flooding back for me too ScarletRubies.... how I so longed to wake up and find all my clothes miraculously 'bedazzled' overnight when I was a girl..... :D But I do think they are an awesome idea for kiddies... under adult supervision of course... bedazzled lips and fingers are not that fashionable
  • diider
    I got them last nite :D:D:D cant wait to play with em
  • ScarletRubies
    OK, sold to the lady in the stupid hat. With free postage (paypal) and a $10 gift voucher (thanks, Nod) I just bedazzled myself for $9.95. BUT I am rapidly going to add that I am a keen papercrafter and will NOT be seen attired like a rhinestone cowgirl.
  • wheadle
    Was going to ask for pictures ;)
  • nod
    I am glad to hear that the voucher came in handy ScarletRubies. And I think it would be a great idea if you posted piccies of your handy work :D
  • nelly
    Such a good idea for the kids. Thanks so much Lisss for the deal and thanks Buckscoop for the free delivery code. :)

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