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3 March 2008

OK, this is one every BuckScooper should be aware of - The Freecycle Network.

Freecycle is a number of local communities joined under the banner of the one organisation. Click the link to find your local (Aussie) group. If for some reason you're not in Australia, head to

Membership is free, and you join a Yahoogroups mailing list where people in your community will make "OFFERS" of things they no longer need. You can also "REQUEST" stuff you're after.

I moderate my local list, and have given away furniture, household goods, kids gear etc - and have received all sorts of stuff (one of my faves is my dorta's bunk bed/cubby house.

Membership is online; exchange of goods happens locally.

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  • nod
    A very useful thing to know about Ruby thanks. But I am not sure this is a deal and really should be moved to 'Off on a tangent' As such I am afraid that this will not go towards your tally but you need to read my Pm about that anyway :D
  • nod
    Actually this is a freebie :)
  • Keeys
    I Love Freecycle!!!
  • ScarletRubies
    I Love Freecycle!!!
    Me too! :flowers: I never thought to post it here before - no idea why; it's the perfect antidote to our spendaholicism...! :eek: Nod, this was originally a "tip", but I can't see how the site differentiates between tips and deals? Sorry! :)

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