Freebie file dumping account at File Savr

12 September 2008

I'd normally list this as a freebie but I reckon its worth putting up as a hot deal as you normally pay for it.

I get crapped off with a lot of the file saver sites as they're painful to use and spammy. Credit to these guys - its really basic, not spammy and does what it says on the can.

Max file upload size is 10gig with max total per account 250 gig. The subscriptions are for life if you sign up before 15th Sept. I can verify that my account is valid until 2038..... !

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  • eron
    Hot~ Sign up more accounts if you are greedy. :P
  • nod
  • lilpretzel
    Excellent Freebie Donkey! Just what I needed a spare online hard drive. This will make it sooooo easy to share my stuff with family members PLUS where else can you get 250 gig for FREE??
  • queenshrew
    Nice!! :D Thanks!!
  • melissanj
    wow that is fantastic!! i havent even considered something like this! now i wont have to buy an external drive :D just wondering how reliable are these things? would it be something i could trust with family photos?
  • admin EDITOR
    I'd say you could trust them about as much as you can trust your average hard drive. Obviously as they're running a service the infrastructure should be being backed up etc - but that doesnt stop them being affected by cashflow issues and the like. I'd say - its free. Use it to backup your backup or as a second copy of the images themselves. I'd be careful about using it as a primary backup source.
  • ntowill
    I'd be hesitant to use it as a back-up source. Particularly since they say the files are kept on there "forever as long as they are being downloaded". They don't say how often they have to be downloaded, but if you use at as a backup you'll only download them if something happens to your computer and by then the files would probably be deleted. Also, the website says not to upload personal files "Only upload files that do not contain confidential information because anyone can guess the URL and download the file". I'd say it be good for photos, etc and that's about it. Great deal though!! :D

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