Free shipping + works with 10% off coupon code from Deals Direct - valid today - Valentines.

14 February 2013

The free shipping is worth taking advantage of if you were considering anything from Deals Direct where the shipping charges would have otherwise killed the deal. This definitely applies to very small low cost items and heavy items. The promo technically excludes bulky items, but there's no delineation of whats bulky.

Whats a bonus though is that the free shipping stacks together with the 10% off coupon thats currently available for Deals Direct. I've confirmed that its working. It not that unusual to get either a free shipping or a 10% off coupon from Deals Direct but whats unusual is being able to stack them together.

Make the most of it..... its a good deal.

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  • m1ssyM
    Following on from this I checked a few items that caught my eye. There’s a Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo that is already a good price at $119.00 then with the 10% discount coupon it makes for an even better price at $107.95 plus that’s delivered because of course it includes shipping as well. The nearest price to this is $167.99 so the Deals Direct offer looks like a great deal. Another one is the Garmin Nuvi 1450LMT that’s $219.95 so if we apply 10% discount promo code you’re looking at a reduction here of $22.00 making this $197.95 delivered and the nearest price I’ve found out there is $284.00 not including delivery. These both look good deals right now with these two promo’s that Deals Direct are running.
  • Pookie
    You can also use the coupon with Qwibble so that's another 4% cashback on top of your free delivery and 10% off deal...Nice one Donkey.

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