FREE Shipping on everything @ Catch Of The Day PLUS 4.95% cashback

18 February 2008

Catch Of The Day have FREE Shipping storewide today only when you
select Paypal as your payment method, this includes Small Fish as well as
todays catch - the photo frame that Nod has already mentioned. :)

PLUS, pay with Paypal using the coupon code 'ILOVEPAYPAL' to get a bonus $100 worth of jewellery.

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  • MamaK
    Thanks Brad, I've been wanting one of these
  • leny
    I'd like to buy 5x of the Imation Disc Stakker. $399 for 5, using different family accounts to override the limit of 2 per customer - that seems like a good deal. But the condition is "RENEWED", and the comment down the bottom states "Please note these are renewed units, but still look fantastic and work just as new, the warranty guarantees it." Hmm I'm not sure if it's worth investing into, with the possibility that it's going to be a pieve of junk, or scratched, ugly.... Would anyone know what RENEWED is anyway? Why would it have to be renewed? But $399 (COTD) vs $995 (RRP) sure makes you think.
  • admin EDITOR
    Renewed I suspect is just a euphemism for reconditioned. I've had a couple of recon gadgets so far and the quality has been fine. Same with Apple - I've only ever heard good about the apple recon units (thats not to say there arent horror stories out there). I guess you do risk things being a little scratched or worn. For me, I'm pretty useless at looking after stuff so everything I own pretty much gets dinged or scratched early on so it doesnt bother me.
  • leny
    But why do the things get reconditioned? Is it because someone returned it for a fault and was given a new one, and they fixed it or replaced a part and are now selling it though via cheap retailers like COTD?
  • nod
    I don't think that I would compare COTD with Apple when it came to recon but then again I have never seen or bought any recon items from COTD. And Leny that is exactly what recon items are. Stuff that has been returned to the merchant and hence they can no longer call it 'new' You can get some super bargains with refurb units but the warranty is obviously null and void unless a specific recon warranty is issued by the merchant
  • Brad
    There's also this offer and this offer too: Which seem to both work with the free shipping! :w00t:
  • leny
    I just tried the free item offer (2nd link) and it doesn't work. I knew it seemed too good to be true. :( Payment Information An error occured when we tried to contact PayPal's servers. Transaction refused because of an invalid argument. See additional error messages for details. Order total is invalid. (SOME NUMBER HERE)
  • Brad
    I've tried that too - :D It doesn't like processing the $0.00 payment ;) I meant that if you make a purchase, not only can you get free postage, but also a freebie, and "$100" worth of jewellery too. Items from $9.95!
  • leny
    My apologies, I came back in here to say you should be able to get it if you make a purchase. :o

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