Free shipping if you pay by Paypal + FREE Tie and Cufflinks (valued @$99) @ Topbuy

3 December 2007

if you pay byPayPal you get:
* Free delivery
* Free tie and cufflinks set for first 200 orders over $100
* 5% off coupon for future purchases

The offer of discount coupons and Free Shipping applies to payments made via PayPal between 04/12/07 and 16/12/07 inclusive.

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  • nod
    This is a really good offer is the tie and cufflinks are worth as much as they say!! Thanks Geo78. Got any piccies of the freebie?
  • nod Not a very good one but here it is :) An important thing to note: (Please note that the tie and cufflink set won't be shown in the shopping cart.)
  • lilpretzel
    Just a reminder, you get free shipping on any item until tomorrow if you pay via Paypal. :)

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