Free shipping + $5 credit for new customers @ Fujicolor

8 December 2008

For a limited time Fujicolor has free shipping on all orders and it can be used in conjunction with $5 bonus credit to receive free goods! (keyrings and prints)

I ordered the rectangle keyring and it worked easily and cost me nothing :)

They also have 30% off calenders and ornaments.

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  • lilpretzel
    Thanks Golfy, I ordered a keyring and some photos for $0.00 :D Might be worth posting up the $5 credit as a Freebie to ;)
  • golfwidow
    The credit part has been posted already by Brad a while back :)
  • lilpretzel
    :o Gee how did I miss that offer than :rolleyes: I'll go back to the corner now :cry:

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