FREE POSTAGE at when paying with paypal + 6.75% BUCKY

20 February 2008

I know a few have been waiting for this one!!

Free postage storewide when paying with paypal.

**Fair play rule applies delivery of upto $100 free over $100 then the first $100 is free.

Finishes 22/2/08 1pm EST

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  • golfwidow
    So tempting even with no vouchers or money left from DD free shipping LOL :)
  • Keeys
    I bought one of these from deals direct with free postage it arrived yesterday. A friend looked at it last night and said let me know next time free postage and I'll get one. They are very excited to bethinking they will now have one by next week :) I'm excited as I ordered it and will get their cashback :p :D
  • nod
    what is it Keeys. I can't see it. Looks like a bug :D
  • leny
    I was waiting for this. :D Now I can get my beautiful watch. :thumbsup:
  • Keeys
    what is it Keeys. I can't see it. Looks like a bug :D
    its one of those elliptical trainers like what they have on TV late at night :whistling:
  • ScarletRubies
    I think I'd be more inclined to use a bug... unless I stayed up all night watching late night tv - then I'd feel guilty and HAVE to use it!
  • MamaK
    is there ever anything decent on to watch though Ruby? I love your shoes by the way, although you do seem a little squashed under there
  • Keeys
    I'm not into exercise either but mainly because here its to hot in summer and to cold in winter and not alot of weather in between. I useto have a steper but my knees aren't able to withstand the punishment anymore at the ripe old age of 31 lol so I thought this is similar but a little easier on the knees. Its actually good I only used it for about 5mins and was stuffed.....will build it back up to a decent level but its the most exercise I've done in about 6mths I think. Hubby loves it he gave it a 30min work out tonight and worked up a huge sweat! Master 9 loves it also hes an excersise junkie (no idea where that came from) he swims aprox 5km a day and compalins if we don't go to the pool for his laps. I only wish I loved exercising like that, maybe I wouldn't be the size I am hehe
  • admin EDITOR
    I was waiting for this. :D Now I can get my beautiful watch. :thumbsup:
    This the Tag Leny?
  • nod
    only an hour or so to go on this offer - so you will need to be quick :)

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