FREE Plush Blanket With Every Quilt Set purchase at Bear and Duck

7 August 2007

* FREE Plush Blanket With Every Quilt Set purchase *

Queen Stripe-on-Stripe Quilt set $129 or
King Stripe-on-Stripe Quilt set $149

And you get a free Plush Blanket worth $89 (but they actually sell them for $59). I've put the link to the queen size set. If you want the king size, click bedroom at the top then click strip on stripe.

It looks comfortable.

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  • ScarletRubies
    Hmm, looks to me like the QS is$99 and the KS is $119 - the front page of the store says they are $30 off. And postage is free - cool. 375 thread count is pretty high; these sheets would likely wear really well.
    Usually five-star hotel luxury comes with a hefty price tag... but not with our $30 discount on 375-thread count Stripe-on-Stripe quilt sets. Queen Quilt set $99 King Quilt set $119
    That said, I can't find a decent pic of the self pattern, or a full length shot of a bed made up... and I'd like to! Thanks for posting the deal - under $100, free post, free blanket = hot.
  • Emma EDITOR
    They seem to have that $30 discount on the front page, but then the items are full price when you click on through.$30offquiltsets.jpg Bit strange - maybe worth emailing them if you are interested in the deal? Thank for the post debz :)
  • nod
    Yeah they are full price when you go thru. Odd as these guys are normally pretty good. Nice price for sheet set with the $30 discount Thanks Debz
  • elegantegotist
    Any news regarding cashback with this merchant ? That would make this deal oh so sweeter. Also I wonder if discount codes apply ? Also they seem to have taken the $30 offer away now.
  • nod
    No news yet
  • Emma EDITOR
    Also they seem to have taken the $30 offer away now.
    Yes, the $30 discount offer is gone... I hate it wen companies put up thier prices as they are giving away a "freebie" instead... So as the sets are $30 more than they were, you're techincally paying $30 for the freebie!

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