FREE OzStock Day As Seen On TV - All Purpose Afilador Handheld Blade Sharpener & Postage

24 October 2009

From the website:

"This innovative All Purpose Super Afilador Handheld Blade Sharpener sharpens everything with ease! And it's the only sharpener that sharpens serrated knives! It works effectively on almost everything with blade, such as knives, scissors, cutlery, shears, axes, serrated knives, tools, machinery etc."

As always you will have to pay postage but can save 50% off shipping charges of every extra item you buy. - $6.98

More about the product:

- Delta-insert can be used for Scissors, Shears, Pruning shears, poultry scissors,
Electric food slicer, slicer, peeler, food processor knife, lawn mower blade, Skis & Snowboards, Serrated knives, Axe

- V-Slots can be used for Regular knives w/straight edge blade Cleaver, scythe, sickle and similar items

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