Free gift with all purchases over $20 at Family Deals

30 March 2008

Not too sure that the free gift is going to be any good but hey if you were thinking of picking up something at Family Deals you might as well grab the freebie as well

If anyone does take up the offer it would be great to know what they have on offer. You only have the next 24h to receive this gift with purchase

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  • Gallifrey
    LOL, this could be some fun!! :w00t: Telephone voice Changer $19.95 Product Description - Fully functional, full sized land line phone - Voice changer is built-in and powered by the phone line. No battery is required. - Call using a disguised male or female voice - On/off switch allows you to return to your real voice at anytime Colours may vary This is ideal for women who live alone and who may receive threatening or nuisance calls and fear for there safety. They can set the phone up for example late at night and answer it as a male to put off possible attackers who may think that they live alone. Or can just be used for fun.
  • Keeys
    I'd love the mini clock but I like the black outer on the clock but with the pick in the white framed one lol Might have to sus out master 9 to see which one he likes then get one to put away for xmas ;) He doesn't have a clock on the wall in his mini bedroom yet so this would be perfect until I can justify the $100 for the mini cookoo clock. The mini pops out every hour and rev's tooo cute! Its sooooooo cute but $100 for a clock in a kids room EEEEKKKKKK!!!
  • nod
    I wonder how good the voice changer would be. Like whether it would sound like a computer generated voice?
  • golfwidow
    LOL the voice change could be fun when telemarketers ring just as you are sitting down for dinner :)
  • admin EDITOR
    This is ideal for women who live alone and who may receive threatening or nuisance calls and fear for there safety.
    Should read - this is idea for the wacko with a silly sense of humour who gets a laugh out of trying to trick his soon to be non friends.
  • Keeys
    great idea for when the inlaws ring and you don't want to get caught talking to them ;) "So they aren't home at the moment, I'm just here feeding the dog ;)"
  • Keeys
    Anyone know what the "gift" is? Just thought someone might have bought and got their order?
  • geo78
    this offer is expired
  • lilpretzel
    Looks like they have a new one.
  • lilpretzel
    Has anybody purchased from them before?
  • nod
    They now have a new new one that expires 30th April :)

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