FREE Delivery on orders over $50 + FREE Gift w/ purchase of 3 products @ FunkyCoverz

14 November 2007

Receive a Free Gift

When you purchase three (3) items from our mobile phone, MP3 and iPod covers range, a free gift will be sent with the order.

Range covers:



Mobile Wrap

Mui Mui

Phonepouch Queen; or

One gift per customer is available, for both domestic and international customers. Not available with our accessories range (Finmark, Sumajin). Not offered in conjunction with any other promotional offer.


Offer of Free Delivery:

As a huge FunkyCoverz thank you, we shall send your Australian order Free of Charge when your order totals $AU50.00 or more.

Click the link below for further details:

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  • Emma EDITOR
    This site does not look very professional... it only accepts paypal or a direct bank transfer. I get a weird warning in my address bar when attempting to go through checkout - "contains unauthenticated content"... so I'd check it out before you use this site anyway :)
  • moniq
    Hi Jayne Couldn't help but comment - I have been a customer of FunkyCoverz since the beginning of the year. I've bought things from them 2 or 3 times and each time they've had unbelievable service - helpful and fast. Nikki from Sales always contacts you directly with an update on your order, checks again with you after it has been sent, etc. I'm sure if you contact her directly with any questions, she'd fire back a response fairly quick. Perhaps it would be fair to give her the right of reply before commenting on a service you haven't used? Check out their feedback page. As a business owner myself, this is just food for thought. Kind Regards Monique PS IMO, Paypal and bank transfer are the safest way to deal, as both protect the buyer.
  • nod
    Hi Monique, Thanks for the feedback and welcome to Buckscoop. It is great to receive feedback from customers that have used a merchant that s new to Buckscoop. One thing about the bank transfer though, my understanding is that once you have transferred the money into the merchants account, if the sale goes pear shaped for any reason, the customer has no way of refund. Paypal at least you can raise a complaint. Am I mistaken?

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