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17 September 2008

Igot this book free with my delivery of books and wondered why, when i looked at the site this book is listed as costing nothing.

Heres the Book Description:

Sami Macbeth is not a master criminal. Hes not even a minor one. Hes not a jewel thief. Hes not a safe-cracker. Hes not an expert in explosives. Sami plays guitar and wants to be a rock god but keeps getting side-tracked by unforseen circumstances.

Fifty-four hours ago he was released from prison. Thirty-six hours ago he slept with the woman of his dreams at the Savoy. An hour ago his train blew up. Now hes carrying a rucksack through Londons West End and has turned himself into the most wanted terrorist in the country.

Fast, funny and action-packed, Bombproof is full of unforgettable characters, including its heartwarming hero, Sami Macbeth, a man with the uncanny ability to turn a desperate situation into a hopeless one.

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  • leny
    How much is the cashback for $0.00 ? Help please admin
  • nod
    umm that would be $0 :D
  • admin EDITOR
    great find fairybelle - dunno about the quality of the book but these sort of inventory glitches make me chuckle.
  • voteoften
    I just ordered this, along with a $4 Thomas Book. I was charged $6.95 postage. Bombproof was listed on the invoice before I paid. On the receipt after the payment was made, Bombprrof was not there, just the Thomas book. Be careful here.
  • nlafanclub
    Just gave this a go & as soon as I navigated away from my shopping cart (whether to pay or continue shopping) the book drops out of the cart. Looks like this free book wasn't so bombproof afterall ;) :twisted:
  • lilpretzel
    Fairybelle did you happen to buy a book from the Book Alive - 50 Books You Can't Put Down? List is here - If you did that book was a Free Offer and Seek was listed as a Retailer ;)
    Bombproof is an action-packed thriller by bestselling author Michael Robotham that adults won't be able to put down. Commissioned exclusively for Books Alive it's absolutely FREE when you purchase any book from the Guide, 50 Books You Can't Put Down.
  • fairybelle
    I brought a book just from the seek website for fathers day and this book was put in with the order.. I was very confused
  • nod
    I suspect one of the books you purchased was on the '50' list Fairybelle :)

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