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22 February 2008

(found this on their site, HUGE savings if you are after these)

Surprise Frangipani Packs

Buy Bulk and Save

Why a suprise?

Because their labels have fallen off and we don't know what variety they are!

Frangipani DJ's Way

Special Frangipani Packs

Only available until 29 February 2008

So be quick!

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  • nod
    Have you placed an order with this merchant before Gallifrey?? It would be good to know what sort of quality you can expect from the cuttings. I love Frangipani's. I think they are stunning. Nothing like the smell really
  • Gallifrey
    Yes I have ordered before and they are great, very happy with my plants! They were on Better Homes and Gardens and in Your Garden Magazine too. They seem to have a good reputation. They also have a lot of rare frangipanis!
  • nod
    They also have a lot of rare frangipanis!
    Do they all smell the same?
  • ScarletRubies
    I know this one! Nope, some of them are even unscented. This site has gorgeous varieties but my all time favourite way to get frangis is to ask a neighbour or friend to snap me a branch. I've got half a dozen I think, including a gorgeous blood red one.

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