Ford Focus Challenge Test Drive Offer @ Ford

1 November 2007

This made me laugh.

Ford will pay you a massive $250 if you buy a focus after test driving one..!

The Ford Focus Challenge "We bet $250 that you won't buy one of those if you test drive one of these first".

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  • trevorf
    Kinda stupid, attempt to trick? Basically its saying, the Ford Focus is so bad, that they're betting that you won't buy one. And if you do, they lose the bet. -_-
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - I like that - I get voted cold on my deals :D maybe I should have stuck it in the freebies with purchase section. Was the novelty value that made me post it. But yea - reckon I agree trevorf. $250 is a bit stingy given that you'll be forking out a few tens of thousands for the car itself.
  • fairybelle
    This is become icy very quickly admin
  • nod
    Like the novelty factor, think the $250 is way too low :D

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