Foam Mattress Underlay $39.99 - Target

5 April 2008

Foam Mattress Underlay Queen Size at Target for $39.99 - save $40.
Foam fingers massage while you sleep.

Also SB $29.99 (save $30) or DB $34.99 (save $35).

Helps to relieve pressure points while you sleep.
Peaks and hollows allow air to circulate around your body.
HealthGuard - Anti-bacterial, anti-microbial protection.

If you're not sure about the magnetic properties of the Aldi underlay then this might be an interesting alternative.

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  • nod
    Aren't these a similar price at Kmart/BigW?
  • craftykiwi
    Not sure Nod, haven't seen any advertising for KMart or Big W in that area of late. Is that a special there too or their normal price?
  • geo78
    i saw today a foam mattress underlay for $48 in Kmart. I think that was the original price...
  • nod
    So this gives us about 15-20% off

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