Finish powerball dishwasher tablets only 22.4 cents per tab & free delivery & Buckscoop cashback - b

8 May 2012

6 boxes of 52 tabs (that's 312 dishwasher tablets) for only $69.90 plus free also get Buckscoop cashback which should be around $4.40 making the total $65.50 after cashback.

I also noticed a voucher code that merissadavid posted back in April that gives you a further 10% off 'DVD0013578d'
I cant verify if this still works as I don't yet have a login to BPshopping and you need to be logged in to use the codes.

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  • Pookie
    For some reason I cant seem to deep link the deal!!! If you type 'finish' in the Bigpond shopping search box, you will get the tablets coming up. Sorry but Im not sure how else to get around this :)
  • z28
    Are these parallel import ? where from ?
  • Pookie
    I have no idea where they are getting them from and to be honest does it really matter :)
  • connan
    Voucher still works!
  • Pookie
    so according to my calculations with the 10% discount and the cashback it works out to $58.95...even better

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