Finish Dishwasher 36.6c each (buy 5 packs @ $.6.95 ea.) @ Grocery Run

13 March 2012

Grocery Run have the 25 tab boxes of Finish Dishwaser tabs out at $6.95 each.

On the face of it they work out at 28 cents each but then you need to factor in the postage. I worked out that the best way to buy would be to buy the max 5 boxes and the postage is then $11. Works out at 36.6 cents a tab which is a good offer. Normally they are around 50c a tab (when not on sale)

3 x 15 tabs. Max is 5 lots so max 225 tabs for $55.25 delivered = 25c each.
- wheadle

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  • mouldgirl
    Sorry that the pic shows a 20 tab box. I had to grab that off google :)
  • Pookie
    Thanks for posting this one mouldgirl. That's a pretty good deal which ever way you look at it. I'm not buying 5 boxes of dishwasher tablets but I'm getting a few other bits from them so it will work out to be a good deal.
  • vipulrm
    I recall Reject Shop selling a 90 tablet box for $18. Or maybe it was 80 tablets for $19. I am a little confused. But it's definitely cheaper than Grocery Run.
  • Pookie
    The spreets one is for the cheaper dishwasher tabs. These ones are the Quantum tabs which Coles sell for 81c per tab whereas the All in 1 coles sell at 54c per tab.
  • wheadle
    Gorcery run are back with 3 x 15 tabs. Max is 5 lots so max 225 tabs for $55.25 delivered = 25c each. Best deal so far. You would not buy the all for you. Don't think that any of these offers you would buy them all. The real deal is getting a few mates together and splitting up the shop
  • vipulrm
    Groupon has also got a deal (] that give 360 tabs for $99 = 27.5c

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