Fantastic Kmart toy sale

28 June 2007

I have heard through the internet grapevine that Kmart are trying to clear out the toy stock they have at the moment.
Apparently today Kmart have dropped 50% off the price of their clearance toys. Some very good bargains to be had but the word is that the discounts only start every hour and for 15 mins only.
Now I have not witnessed this first hand so if you go to your nearest Kmart and there is no sale, I am sorry.But if you stumble accross a great bargain be sure to share

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  • Lycraboy
    If only I had read this before wandering around the shops yesterday. Didn't make it into KMART so not sure if it was true. You sure have your ears to the ground in search of great deals! :w00t:
  • ashley7070
    I went in and didn't find or hear anything at KMart Northland. It was worth a shot.
  • nod
    Shame about that Ashley7070 It seems that it was bit piece meal - some Kmart had the sale and some didn't
  • Smarmie
    If you are after a great toy sale Target have their once a year fabulous toy sale starting on 19 July. In the past I have gotten some fabulous deals - so it's worth hanging out for. :)
  • nod
    There seems to be a flurry of toy sales at the moment.. Kmart, Target, Myer.... be sure to post up here if anyone jags a bargain :)
  • nod
    Anyway off to the midnight opening? Pretty sure it is tonight - well not in WA - eastern states only I think
  • diider
    I am I am I am :D
  • nod
    LOL be sure to let us know what bargains you pick up :D
  • diider
    LOL im a bargain hunter as u can see. ehehhe arent u going too nod?
  • diider
    I bought quite a few PS 2 games. the 2 for 38 ones and got NFS Carbon for $24(which apparently is a bargain). Also got the crocodile dentist game for $13 .. If only I wasn't broke :( and oh yeah I bought Pringles and Maltesers too :P
  • nod
    Pringles and maltesers :D No Kmart near me open at midnight - Eastern states only Was it crowded? I sent my mum :D and got the limited edition care bear teddy thing

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