Expired - Catchoftheday - June Catchathon

23 June 2010

Is on. Some pretty reasonable deals such as a USB joystick for $1. The $139 4.3" Tom Tom deal has sold out though.

$15 shipping cap.

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  • ninkasi
    The Noontec A6 Power Full HD Moviedock for $99 seems like a good deal as well. They also have the Ubisurfer netbook for $199 that JB had for $99 so you probably need to check each one as just because it says it's a good deal, doesn't necessarily mean it can't be matched or bettered somewhere else!
  • ninkasi
    ...and it continues into day 2. Potential bargains IMHO at the moment include the $4.95 Moshi Kids Earphones (volume restricted so helps protect the monsters hearing). The Navig8er G35 3.5" GPS for $59.95 isn't too bad (carried over from yesterday - obviously still have stock left!)
  • ninkasi
    ...and it's over.

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