Eurolab Juicer $69.95 delivered

24 November 2006

It is only a Eurolab - not exactly high end but it is about 60% of the price you would pay for a Breville. So not bad and DD have thrown in free delivery.
Purchase thru Buckscoop and get your 2.5% cashback.

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  • jumpingjack
    Thanks nod :) I'm always tempted by these but haunted by the memory of my childhood ice cream maker that I used for a couple of days and then relegated to a back cupboard somewhere. If you are a juice lover it is probably a good buy though...anyone know how easy it is to clean?
  • nod
    I have a juice maker - not this model though It can be a pain to clean with carrots. You just need to rinse it out immediately after you use it. I tend to make a carrot cake out of the mush left over. So I guess all the healthy goodness I get from the juice goes down the drain with the cake! :o
  • jumpingjack
    Goes downt he drain with the cake? Is your cooking that bad :D
  • nod
    :cry: :cry: cheeky!
  • nod
    This juicer is now $59.95 delivered but only for 2 days. Offer only until 6th Dec (the site says this is Monday but I suspect they mean Wed). AEST 5pm.

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