Electrolux Z370A Enviro Multi Purpose Steam Cleaner @ Daily Deals $129

27 December 2006

If you need to be cleaning up after the christmas festivities (and obviously in time for eveything to get mucky again around the new years ones deals direct have this unit out at a very good price for a branded product. New they were around $300 (and daily deals isnt being liberal with the truth when they make this claim and are still in the 2-300 range on ebay.

Shipping ranges between $20 and $30 depending on where you live. No cashback with daily deals though.

This multi purpose steam cleaner sanitises all round the home, from top to bottom. Ideally suited to sanitise the kitchen and bathroom surfaces, hobs, sinks, tiles, windows and glass, removing wrinkles from clothes and steaming curtains and upholstery. The steam cleaners use just plain tap water without the need for detergents which means it is kind to the enivironment and economical. It is equipped with a flexible hose, quick release tubes and a floor brush for refreshing carpets. Floor steaming cloths for removing stubborn stains, grease and grime from hard floors. Jet and angled nozzle for directional cleaning and a window wiper for windows, glass and mirrors.

- Electrolux Enviro Multi Steamer
- Hygienic
- 30mins Continuous Steam
- Heat Up Time 8 mins
- No Deteregents Needed
- Refreshes Carpet Pile
- Washable Cloth
- Power On Indicator
- Steam Cleaning
- Steam Cleans Hard Floors
- Pressurised Steam Control
- Max Steam Production 3.5 Bar
- Tank Capacity 1.2L
- Dimensions: H 26 x W 46 x D 14cm

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  • 135chris
    I a looking for all/some accessories for the Electrolux z380. Do the ones from the Z370 fit??. If so, are they available. I have the machine however the accessories were lost in a recent move.
  • Captainjack
    I a looking for all/some accessories for the Electrolux z380
    135chris, a quick Google search turns up results for "Big Warehouse Spares" who appear to have some parts/accessories available for this model. Otherwise head to ebay, as my results also showed a listing for an Electrolux Steam Mop Pad for models Z370 Z380. Probably other bits and pieces on there too.

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