Ebay: List for free on 99cent auctions permanently

5 April 2011

Ebay is now offering free insertion fees on auctions starting at 99cents or below, this is a permanent offer.
You only pay one easy final value fee - 7.9% capped at a maximum of $49.95 and you only pay if the item sells
plus you get a free gallery image normally 59c.

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  • fairybelle
    Hot from me, I always start my auctions at 99 cents!
  • admin EDITOR
    They get enough off the sellers fee in any case.
  • mami
    You still have to pay them as percentage of your sale, not so good for me
  • Rebekah76
    and didn't they bump up the commission from 5% to 7% for those didn't they?
  • Keeys
    When I just listed 4 items it still charged me 30c per listing?? How do I get free listing all items were listed for 99c and no extra listing features used. Not sure where I went wrong?

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