Ebay 50% off your insertion fees

9 January 2009

Kick off 2009 by selling your unwanted Xmas gifts on eBay and enjoy half price insertion fees.

From Jan 9 to 12, you can list as many items as you want for 50% less.

Remember, it's for 4 days only, so get cracking and join more than 1.1 million Aussies who are expected to turn their left over gifts into cash.

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  • lisss
    These promos are better than nothing, but after coming back from the UK I must say I am very disappointed in Ebay AU in comparison. Ebay UK gives gallery free to every listing as standard, and they have free insertion promos much more often. This current Ebay AU promo only relates to standard insertion fees, not gallery etc.
  • memtree
    There used to be more promos for no insertion fees and occasionally free gallery in listings but now not so much - which is a shame!

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