Earn 100 Flybuys Points When You Subscribe to Lasoo.com.au

17 February 2010

Sign up or enter your current login to Lasoo and earn 100 flybuys points. Takes 10 seconds to fill out info (skip the send to friends step).

You'll get an email to confirm your subscription, and you can unsubscribe after.

For those that don't already know Flybuys points can be collected/redeemed at Coles, Kmart, Officeworks etc (if you don't already have a card you can use the link in the next post to sign up, and then sign up to lasoo and your points will show in approx 4 weeks.)

100 points may not be worth much, but it does take a while to collect so it's better than nothing!

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  • taskel
    For a Flybuys reward card sign up ]here.

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