Dyson DC29 vacuum cleaner for $385 from Insane Deals

26 December 2010

Not a bad price for the basic dyson vacuum cleaner. This thing is the dream of someone who likes knobs. Had lots of them. Little ones that you press to release things I mean. Being a Dyson they suck like a donkey.

Your looking at closer to $400 in the shop at somewhere like Hardly Normals so when you factor in delivery on it at $30 its $10 or so more but for convenience its a good price.

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  • Keeys
    LOVE mine wish I'd bought it long ago takes me half the time to vacume now and the results are better :)
  • ninkasi
    Big fans here of the hand held versions eg ]here. Unlike standard handheld vacs, they actually have decent suction and continue to do so over time. Way more expensive, but worth it....

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