DURACELL AA/AAA batteries @ Crazy Clark's/Go-Lo - 4 for $2.50 [16 for $10!]

20 November 2007

As seen in this week's Crazy Clark's catalogue...

Limited to 10 packs of 4 per customer (of course, your kids/husband/nanna etc can shop too, right?).

These are "Quality Focused Parallel Imports" - a genuine branded product imported by someone other that the Aussie distributor. Not sure what this means in practical terms. Others may have opinions?

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  • ScarletRubies
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - yea - not sure about the 'quality focussed' bit of the parallel import - more 'money focussed'. It does make me wonder whether there is any practical difference in the manufacturing materials or process. Sensibility says nada and these ones are the exact same as the once distributed under the AU license.

What do you think?

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