DUCK! Feather mattress toppers (all sizes) @ Deals Direct TODAY ONLY

20 September 2007

Info from site:

Promotional prices starts 5PM 20/09/2007 and ends 8PM 22/09/2007 AEST.

Treat yourself to the very best in comfort with this thick and luxurious mattress topper. Add that bit of extra comfort and height to your mattress for the best sleep possible! With soft duck feather filling and cotton cover, this is one item every bed should have!

Don't miss out on this fantastic bargain!


* Luxurious mattress topper.
* King, Queen & Singles sizes
* Thread count:233
* Fabric: 100% cotton. Down proof. Bleached.
* Filling: White duck feather.
* Adds extra comfort and insulation to your bedding.
* Will last a lifetime.
* Unbeatable bargain!"

Postage is $9.95

(Just realised we don't have a "home wares" category or similar? Jumble Box it is!)

RRP: $149.00 DEAL: $49.95 SAVE: $99.05

RRP: $159.00 DEAL: $59.95 SAVE: $99.05

RRP: $99.95 DEAL: $39.95 SAVE: $60.00

- fairybelle

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  • fairybelle
    Scarlet i hope you dont mind, i added the pricing down the bottom. Its a HOT from me and I think i might have to get one!! Really good value
  • admin EDITOR
    Ta Ruby. There is a category called house and home under the retail therapy heading, but yea - its not particularly obvious.
  • nod
    I think these are sooooooooooooooo comfy. What can be nicer than being tucked up in bed with a duck feather mattress cover and a big fluffy duck feather doona :) :) :)
  • narut
    "5PM 20/09/2007 and ends 8PM 22/09/2007" - 2 days...:)
  • fairybelle
    Thanks narut for that. Its not really 1 day only then
  • Emma EDITOR
    Love the thread title!! DUCK!!!
  • fairybelle
    Ok just brought one.... Its even better with the buckie cashback
  • elegantegotist
    I already have a pillowtop on my mattress do you think I should get this as well ?
  • Emma EDITOR
    I'd say this would be wayyyyy more confy ]elegantegotist. I'm not getting one though, as I have ]memory foam :)
  • girltalk
    I already have a pillowtop on my mattress do you think I should get this as well ?
    I'm wondering the same thing :confused:
  • nod
    What is pillowtop?

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