dStore - Spec. Mother's Day Price - Heatable Slippies plus free USB Cup Warmer $29.95 +7.2%cashback

21 April 2008

This little piggy went to market, this little piggy froze at home, this little piggy had rheumatism, this little piggy ached and groaned and this little piggy went you know what, I've had enough of this, I'm getting a pair of Slippies!.

Another fairytale ending for dStore fans - and friends and family of dStore fans who suffer from tired and aching feet!

Slippies gives you the soothing warmth and comfort that your dogs have been barking for!

With a medium in Red for the ladies and a large in Blue for the blokes all you do is just whip your Slippies into the microwave for 90 seconds, whack 'em on your feet and prepare for the inevitable aaaaah of relief.

Made from super-snuggly-soft polar fleece, Slippies are filled with wheat grains, top and bottom (so don't expect to be running a marathon in them) and they're fragranced with dried lavender flowers to aid relaxation. So you can hit the couch, put your feet up and let the natural healing properties of Slippies work their warming magic.

They're a godsend for rheumatism and arthritis sufferers, as well as any poor soles who have to tip toe across tiles in the winter!

After just a minute and a half in the microwave, Slippies stay warm for several hours and of course they can be reheated as often as you need them!..and guess what? They can even be frozen for use in easing sprains, bruising and swelling.

Put your best foot forward - get instant, blessed relief for your tortured tootsies order your Slippies now!


Slippies offer soothing relief from common ailments such as rheumatism, arthritis, poor circulation, stress and tension.

Place your Slippies in a microwave and heat on high for a maximum of two minutes (based on an 850 watt oven). Always check that your Slippies are not too hot before you put them on your feet.

Slippies can also be frozen and used to ease sprains, bruising and swelling - place in a plastic bag (to keep them dry) and freeze for at least three hours prior to use.

Caution: Do not overheat. Slippies are not designed for walking in and should not be used by diabetics.

Please note: Sizes are based on the Australian sizing system and indicative only.

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  • nod
    Thats a good deal when you consider the USB cup warmers are $20 plus usually but I am sure you can pick them up cheap at Deal Extreme But I will certainly heat up the place with my vote Delivery is a flat $5.95 :)
  • jdstacey
    Yeah - email says total value $59.90 so basically half price for both items. I think I prefer the red slippers to the blue, though. Thanks for adding delivery - I had forgotten about that!
  • admin EDITOR
    :D - heatable slippers..... do you need to remove your feet before microwaving them ?
  • admin EDITOR
    ha - I just found a pair of very similar heatable slippers elsewhere.......... $85 ! Makes this deal look much better.
  • dustbunni
    Used go to deal link http://dstore.com.au/mothers-day/Heatable-Slippies-%2B-Bonus-USB-Cup-Warmer/1017234.html 404 - Page not found Looking for something? We're sorry - the page you are looking for does not exist.
  • admin EDITOR
    I can find the slippers but not the deal - slippers alone are back up to $85 http://dstore.com.au/gifts/Heat-Wheat-Slippers/671361.html Might have been a transient deal.
  • admin EDITOR
    Ha - and its dissapeared off the 'mothers day' page. Looks like you dip out dustbunni :)

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